Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry

This is the first block in the first corner which is why it is titled A-1, its actual title is pinwheel gone awry, but everything is also titled by grid letter/number. Like I said before everything on the quilt is laid out like a grid so it makes it a lot easier to follow along with!

We of coarse me and my mom chose to tackle this block first because it is first in the grid!

We decided the best coarse of action would be to sew each little triangle together and lay it out properly so we could see how it would look.

Heres the very center!!! I dont know if you can tell but Im really excited about this block!!! I love pinwheels and have never done one and well.. this one is just awesome!

TADA!!! here is the final product!!
I am new to sewing and thus new to patterns. Seriously I think most of them are in some foreign language! Once my mom and I sat down and she read through it and put it in to words I understand it was actually really really simple!
My mom does have the software and it has really helped me (Im a VERY visual person) We can print off the correct size grid so we know exactly what it is supposed to come out like! I have to color in all the darker fabrics so I dont get confused but it REALLY REALLY helps! I say if you are going to tackle this quilt it is a good idea to spend the little extra to get that software!
happy stitching!
~candace & nanette~