Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the beginning....

Hi! My name is Candace, you may know me as craft-crazed

and this beautiful lady in the pink is my mom, Nanette! (that guy is my dad but this isnt about him is it?)

you can find her and her pre-K greatness at mrsnanettesnuggets

Alrighty now that I have given you a formal introduction, its down to business. My mother and I have a very special (crafting) relationship. Besides her putting me on this earth and raising me up right she taught me (is teaching me) to sew.

A few years ago I told her I wanted to learn to quilt, she of coarse thought I was crazy, but helped me out non the less. A friend that she worked with also worked for our local quilt shop HIQ (thats Happiness is Quilting! for those who arent in the know) We decided the best way to learn would be to pack our bags head to the lake house and spend a weekend at quilt camp! Im the only one who graduated ;)

Mom wasnt to interested but I kept pushing for her to do projects with me. She started with a crazy quilt, got into the block swaps our shop offered with me, and now she is just as hooked as the rest of us.

Now.... On to why and how we started this Dear Jane journey!

We share birthdays, well not really mine is Dec. 14th and hers is Dec 15th, but we do celebrate together (dad splurges on the better dinner when you share a birthday with your mom) I am all about spoiling myself for my birrthday! Why not treat yourself?! I buy myself one present every year with my own non-birthday money. This last year I told my mom that we needed to do this Dear Jane BOM at our quiltshop down by the lake Stichin' Heaven She said she'd been eyeing the same thing so we went for it!!! Now we've come to realize we were absolutely nuts, but hey its a labor of love!

This particular BOM is 10 blocks a month for 2 years..... We've been getting them since January and hadnt started yet. Finally I took a week off spent every day at her house and we sewed... cut... sewed some more.. Ive got 6 down and many many more to go! We have now decided our best course of action will be to get together at least one weekend a month and get some serious sewing done! Im thinking this will need to happen at the lake house so we dont bother my dad ;)

Im really excited now that Ive gotten some blocks done and cant wait to share them with you! This is going to be an interesting and exciting learning experience and Im so excited to be sharing it with my wonderful and inspiring mother!

happy stitching!!

~candace & nanette~

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  1. alright! looking forward to more posts here!! :)